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This handcrafted 100% Indian silk scarf by Prism + Fleur is perfect for hanging on your wall, carrying your decks in, reading your spreads on top of, tying on your purse or our fav - wearing in your hair...multi-purpose and just straight up delicious.



  • Size: 50cm x 50cm square
  • Material: Vegan Silk

Prism + Fleur Silk Altar Cloth (4 color options) 🇦🇺

  • Meet the Creator, Paige

    Ever since Paige can remember, she's been in love with all things intuitive & ethereal - the dreamy, symbolism heavy aesthetic of my work reflects my internal world.


    Since establishing Prism + Fleur in 2014, Paige had the pleasure of collaborating with a variety of businesses and individuals - each one of them with so much unique vision and passion - she approachs designing for them with the intention of encompassing the essence of their brand or personality and portray this through an identity that evolves with their vision. 


    Paige calls Sydney, Australia home base, but her passion for exploring foreign countries, ancient practices and cultures allows her to collect inspiration and imagery from so many high vibe places to incorporate into every piece of work she pour her heart into.