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Titled “Vindur,” after the Icelandic word for wind, this deck is to be used to tap into forces that are deeply felt, but are often unseen.


  • Gender neutral fool character
  • Gender balance through the minor arcana
  • Powerful and simple color pallet
  • Trendless + timeless imagery focused on human, nature and design.

2nd edition updates

  • Edge-to-edge artwork (boarderless)
  • New deck back, solar flower
  • Updated cards with figures have been edited to be more diverse


The Vindur Deck includes:

  • 1 deck (thick, soft touch cards with yellow painted edges)
  • Hard-printed box
  • Illustrated 102 page guidebook (Cover + Content TBA)
  • Screen-printed tarot bag (Design TBA)

The Vindur Deck (2nd ed.) 🇺🇸

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  • Meet the Creator, Leah Pantéa

    Leah Pantéa (Lee-uhh Pan-tay) is a fine artist and illustrator living in Los Angeles, CA. 

    She grew up in the mountains of Colorado, which was likely the reason her number one influence and point of joy is sunlight. She's pretty busy doing all sorts of art-things, including her fine  arts practice, murals, podcast and illustration. Her work all revolves around access to the mysterious (major high priestess energy!), so no matter how she's showing it, that is at the root of all of her creations. 

    When she's not in the studio, she loves getting into the sunlight, reading, snacking, and snuggling her two cats: Chauncy and Castiel.