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A beautiful, collectible treasure for any Young Witch (of age or heart) to start their journey with.


This deck has been created especially for Young Witches everywhere. Anybody starting off on their esoteric journey will know that the Rider Waite Smith (RWS) deck is the standard to learn from, unless your art deck has an octopus as a Hierophant and you are cool with that!


Yes! This deck is faithful to the art and imagery of the RWS deck illustrator, Pamela Coleman Smith, (Pammy, as we call her), but digitally revitalized and refreshed with a bright and vibrant palette by children's author/illustrator and tarot deck creator, Natalie Meraki. 


It’s aimed directly at Young Witches everywhere, however old they (or you) may be! It’s a beautiful, fun family deck with no nudity. Natalie did a cover-up job after extensively researching the market —except for the Sun Boy, because he’s a scamp and wouldn’t wear his vest! 


Natalie has been working with her friend Bob Smithies to make this deck accessible to the youngest of minds. Although a lovely addition to anyone's collection, the purpose of this deck is for it to be used. They want to encourage our Young Witches to look at the cards as guidance and not as a strict set of rules to be followed. They wrote rhyme after rhyme to condense the meaning of each card into a short, memorable verse. The rhymes are printed on each card and compliment the artwork, rather than becoming a distraction.


Of course there is the obligatory book; but this one is fun, written with gentle humor and an eye for children’s safety and growth. It’s a charming read on its own.


Everything about this deck and accessories is about fun, created by two friends who have no intention of growing up. What else might you expect? This is the deck you wish you had when you first started to learn your craft!  


Arcana means secrets and what more can you do for your Young Witch than give them access to the secrets that you already enjoy so much!



  • 78 accident-proof plastic cards

  • Housed in a magnet latch book-box

Young Witch Tarot

  • Meet the Creator, Natalie Meraki

    Natalie is an artist, author, tarot reader, and an a lot more crap, as you can imagine.