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These mugs were made for the night-sky gazers, the constantly curious and for those who feel a deep connection to our magical moon. Designed with reflective goldy-goodness, the Moon keeps us constantly enchanted with all of her spectacular lunar phases. Each twinkly gold star is enough to have you ready for sundown and copious amounts of magic tea.


Use these celestial beauties as a part of your Full Moon Rituals, or to start the day with a strong cup of liquid heaven (ie. coffee), or to relax and wind down with a nice cup of herbal tea.


Features full surface designs and beautiful metallic gold detailing, as well as moon phases on the inside lip of the mug. Comes in 2 color options: Black and White.


  • Fine bone china
  • 400ml Mug
  • Gentle hand wash only
  • Not safe for microwave, oven & dishwasher use
  • Made in PRC


* Please note that there may appear to be some very slight water drop like marks on some of the Moon Phases. This is a natural occurrence of the decal processing and can be hard to avoid as they are man-applied in a special water-based technique.

Stay Wild Moon Child Mug (2 color options) 🇦🇺

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  • Meet the Creator, Sydonie Baldissera

    Sydonie is the human behind The Quirky Cup Collective, a brand from Adelaide, South Australia, that grew from a hobby and love of gifting & passion for colors to a proper business.

    Putting so much of herself into the business, Sydonie considers it an extension of her as a person, and hopes to add that small spark of magic to people's everyday lives.